Pirates For Peace

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

SW/MW Logs 02/05/23

6205-16.47 Mike Radio. Human League, Survivor, Cutting Crew, Direct Sinpo 54444

5140-18.40 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Including Ambrose And His Orchestra Sinpo 34433

6280-18.50 Cold Bear Radio. Ted Brown And Company, Greetings, Starfighters, Olga Lowina, Theo Diepenbrock And The Classics Sinpo 34433

6295-19.08 Radio Addictive 50's Via?. Paul Anka, The Playmates, The Clovers Sinpo 34433

1620-1921 Radio Marianne. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Grobylocknerkapelle, Rommy Sinpo 44433

1635-19.32 Radio  Bluebird. Het Ijessel Duo, Annie Pacmen, The Rapsodies Sinpo 44433

5880-19.45 Radio Rock Revolution. Infadels, Guns And Roses, Limp Bizkit Sinpo 44444

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