Pirates For Peace

Saturday, May 20, 2023

SW/MW Logs 20/.05.23

6205-16.38 Laser Hot Hits. Gorgan City, Ben Hennessy, Disclosure Sinpo 54444

1440-16.50 Energy Power Am. AHA, Sheryl Crow, Tina Charles, Robert Palmer Sinpo 44344

5800-17.03 Mike Radio. Direct, Miley Cyrus, De Esperando's Sinpo 54444

6295-17.40 WMR Hoax. Gordon Lightfoot, Talking About Mike James, Divine Comedy Sinpo 54444

6325-18.45 Radio Pandora. Steve Arrigton, Id Jingle, Paper Dolls, Chat, Dee Cllark Sinpo 34333

6285-19.05 Free Radio Victoria. The Cats, Rolling Stones, Seal, Lobo Sinpo 44433

6275-19.23 Radio Lowland. Guns And Roses, George Baker Selection, Colonel Abrams Sinpo 34433

6325-19.34 Radio Pandora. Rod Stewart, Chat, The Go-Go's, The Tourists, Slight Splash From 6320 Sinpo 43433

6320-19.45 Unid. Dutch/Country Music Sinpo 55444

1440-20.00 Energy Power Am. Huey Lewis And The News, Squeeze, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 44344

5880-20.10 Radio Rock Revolution. Iron Maiden, Paulo Mutini, Bryan Ferry. Sinpo 44433

6275-20.20 Radio Johnny Tobacco. George Morgan, Erling Tofteland, Hello To Mike And Anthony, Harry Brandelius Sinpo 55444

6285-20.36 Free Radio Victoria. Gerry Rafferty, The Stranglers, Dutch Song, Utility Qrm Sinpo 43433

1655-20.46 Radio Yogi Bear. Jefferson Airplane, The Fortunes, U2, The Darkness Sinpo 44433

1640-20.58 Radio Blauwe Koe. Midnight Oil, Golden Earring, Pussycat, Mouth And McNeil Sinpo 34433

6205-21.10 laser Hot Hits. Gloria Gayner, Lady Ga Ga, Swing Out Sister Sinpo 54444

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