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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shortwave logs 15/08/09

6870-7.00 playback international playing rem good signal sinpo 44344

6290-7.05 unid playing status quo. faded out a few minutes later sinpo 32233

6210-7.27 misti radio playing pop music weak signal sinpo 22122

6215-8.00 radio king shortwave playing rock music weak to fair signal sinpo 32222

6325-10.37 unid playing instrumental music weak signal sinpo 22112

3900-19.35 skyline international radio playing lipps inc and boney m good signal sinpo 44344

6325-19.45 radio lowland playing dutch music fair signal, but some co-channel interferance sinpo 32232

3910-19.52 radio spaceman playing ac/dc strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-20.02 mystery radio playing police good signal.also some splash from rte sinpo 43444

6870-20.05 playback international playing lenny kravitz fair signal sinpo 33233

3925-22.20 voice of the netherlands playing rock music strong signal sinpo 54444

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