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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shortwave logs 23/08/09

6375-7.05 unid playing the source featuring candi staton and kid rock sinpo 43343

6285-7.10 radio scotland playing new music and rupert holmes strong signal sinpo 54444. later moved to 6202 heard@7.40 playing focus sinpo 54444

6424-7.20 radio pionier with a good signal playing dutch and rock music good signal sinpo 43444

6280-7.40 radio merlin international jackie frost playing bobby powell good signal sinpo 43444 heard later@9.55 playing creedance clearwater rival and dr feelgood. thanks for the greetings strong signal sinpo 54444

7550-7.50 radio amica playing blondie fair signal sinpo 33233

6307-7.55 unid playing dutch music fair signal sinpo

5815-8.00 orion radio playing dutch music and the monkeys.also promo for am forum strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-8.10 radio saturnus playing eddy grant good signal sinpo 43444

6307-8.30 unid playing buddy holly and the everley brothers strong signal sinpo 54444

6304-8.37 unid playing elo and fiction factory good signal sinpo 43344

6250-8.43 antonia radio playing the archies and foundations good signal sinpo 44444

6220-8.55 mystery radio playing talk talk fair signal sinpo 33233

6140-9.00 radio gloria playing rock music strong signal sinpo 54444

6425-9.50 radio quintus playing dutch music and id jingle good signal sinpo 44344

6289-10.04 unid playing the byrds and the doors fair signal,also some fading and utillty qrm sinpo 42233

6380-11.57 unid playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 32333

6220-17.27 mystery radio playing george mc crae strong signal sinpo 54444

3900-18.52 radio shadowman playing the prentenders and dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

5810-20.15 fantasy radio playing pat benater,queen,squeeze and gary moore and phil lynott strong signal sinpo 54444

6870-20.47 playback international playing chic fair signal sinpo 33233

7550-20.55 radio amica playing survivor fair signal sinpo 32333

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