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Friday, August 21, 2009

shortwave logs 21/08/09

3910-19.10 unid playing dutch music. off@19.16 strong signal sinpo 54444

3900-1943 skyline international radio playing ac/dc and john fogerty good signal sinpo 44344

3935-19.52 unid also playing ac/dc.off a few minutes later strong signal.could be the same station that was on 3910 sinpo 54444

6870-1956 playback international/mystery radio playing the clash. signal not as good tonight sinpo 32222 in parallel with 6220 sinpo 43444

6280-20.15 radio merlin international playing elo and flock of seagulls. fair signal,but some splash from cario on 6290 sinpo 32333

7550-2103 radio amica(tent) playing paul young weak signal sinpo 21222.heard later@22.30 with a stronger signal playing the pet shop boys sinpo 44344

3920-2210 radio noorderlicht playing visage,champagne and murry head strong signal sinpo 54444

3920-2240 radio baken 16 playing the sweet good signal sinpo 44344

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