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Friday, May 7, 2010

shortwave logs 07/05/10

6960-16.10 radio van gent playing gospel music fair
signal and noise level is low sinpo 43433

6375-16.20 unid playing the specials"ghost town" fair
signal. off, or faded ot a few minutes later sinpo

6213-19.20 bluestar radio playing dutch songs good
signal sinpo 44344 also heard@19.50 on 6218 with a
good signal playing dutch music sinpo 43444 moved
to avoid splash from 6205

7613-19.32 radio blackarrow playing dance music
good signal sinpo 44344 thanks for the greetings

3905-19.40 skyline radio international playing
matchbox and the pet shop boys strong signal sinpo
54444 heard later@22.45 playing chicroy tip and
middle of the road sinpo 54444

6325-19.55 unid playing polka weak and very noisy
signal sinpo 22122

3905-20.50 radio fox 48 with a weak signal  and noisy
playing boney m sinpo 32122

6218-22,18 bluestar radio still coming in witn a good
signal playing dutch music sinpo 44344

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