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Friday, May 21, 2010

shortwave logs 21/05/10

6305-1640 uni playing steve harley"judy teen" weak
signal and deep fading sinpo 32212

6325-17.40 polaris radio  playing the eagles"new kid
in town" and slick"forever and ever" fair signal with
some fading sinpo 42323

6305-19.10 radio merlin international playing slade"
so far away" good signal sinpo 43444

6400-19.25 radio underground playing jarvis cocker
and promo for summertime meeting fair to good
signal sinpo 44333

6220-19.48 mystery radio playing silver convention"
fly robin fly" and helen reddy"angie baby" good
signal with some fading sinpo 44334

3932-19.55 radio jan van gent playing music of the
pan pipes weak and noisy signal sinpo 33122

4790-20.00 geronimo shortwave playing soul music
good signal sinpo 44344

3896-20.15 radio bomerrang playig ub 40,chris rea
and manfred mann strong signal sinpo 55444

6325-22.15 radio northcoast playing creedence rivial
and los bravos good signal sinpo 44344

6290-22.30 radio rainbow international playing the
dobbie brothers and talking about peace of mind
been good for you, good signal sinpo 44344 also
heard@23.00 playing john denver and 2 pretenders
songs sinpo 44444

4015-22.52 laser hot hits playing spandau ballet
good signal sinpo 43444

6325-23.22 radio lowland playing kiss, chris montez also dave stewart and candy dufler good signal with ocassional fade sinpo 44434

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