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Saturday, May 8, 2010

shortwave logs 08/05/10

6400-6.45 unid playing the animals and nazarath fair
signal,  does give out id, but hard to hear due to deep
fading sinpo 43322

6325-8.00 radio skywire playing dutch music heard
briefly before fading out sinpo 33322

5815-8.57 voice of the netherlands playing dance
music weak signal sinpo 33222

6420-9.05 radio dutchwing with a promo for the
meeting and playing country and western music fair
signal, also some fading sinpo 44322

6400-10.30 radio ramona playing mood mosiac and
plenty of id jingles, coming in well considering the
poor condations sinpo 44333 maybe same station
that was on this morning@6.45

6960-16.10 radio jan van gent playing german music
fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6220-16.35 mystery radio playing kelly marie fair
signal with some fading sinpo 44333

6325-17.05 radio merlin international playing the
beatles and looking for a qso good signal sinpo

6325-17.20 radio baken 16 with a qso for radio melin
and giving out contact details good signal with some
fading sinpo 44433

6325-19.45 radio lowland playing the eagles and
jane birkin and serge gainsbourgh fair signal sinpo

6290-19.50 radio mustang playing polka music good
signal sinpo 44344 closed down@19.55

3905-20.05 radio spaceman playing the police strong
signal sinpo 54444

6220-20.35 mystery radio with alive program playing
belinda carlisle,fleetwood mac and madonna good
signal sinpo 44344

6400-21.00 radio northcoast playing dutch music and
tina turner thanks for the greetings strong signal
sinpo 54444

3930-21.15 radio satunrus playing dutch music and
tommy roe fair signal , but quite noisy sinpo 43233

6450-21.20 radio lowland playing the eagles and
tasmin archer fair signal sinpo 44333

6325-21.28 radio romeo echo giving out e-mail
address and playing johnny cash and bryan adams
fair signal sinpo 43333

6310-22.40 radio altrex playing slade,t-rex and
icehouse good signal with small fading sinpo 44434

3940-23.25 radio underground playing joni mitchell
and giving out contact details fair signal sinpo 42333

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