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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

shortwave logs 12/05/10

6325-16.48 radio mustang playing rock music and
giving out id good signal sinpo 43444

6305-17.10 radio merlin international playing the
undertones, the jam and derek and the dominoes
good signal sinpo 44344

6220-18.45 mystery radio playing dance music good
signal sinpo 44344

6305-19.10 unid playing rock music weak signal. in
the clear when merlin closed down sinpo 32122

6290-20.33 radio mustang playing omd and Freddie
mercury and greeting everbody in ianns chat.strong
signal sinpo 54444

6375-21.08 unid playing dance music and popcorn.
does give id but could not quite catch it sinpo 42333

6304-21.23 radio blackarrow(tent) playing enrique
iglesias good signal with some fading sinpo 44334

6290-21.33 radio blackarrow playing the stranglers,
coldplay and  focus good signal . also some fading
sinpo 44334

6295-21.56 free radio victoria playing 60's music
including stevie wonder, dusty springfield and the
four tops good signal with the occasional fade sinpo

4015-22,23 laser hot hits playing chic"la freak" good signal, but suffering from some kind of electric interferance sinpo 42444

3900-22.45 radio baken16 playing sister sledge and the clash good signal sinpo 44344

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