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Friday, May 14, 2010

shortwave logs 14/05/10

6210- radio spaceman playing hot chocolate. blondie
and kc and the sunshine band strong signal sinpo

6376-17.25 sonic radio(tent) playing some nice soul
music from the Manhattans and billy paul fair signal,
but some deep fading sinpo 43323

6310-17.55 radio altrex playing bill whithers and dr
hook fair signal also some fading sinpo 43333

6220-18.05 mystery radio playing andy kim goood
signal sinpo 44344

6289-18.20 radio mustang playing creedence
clearwater rivial good signal  sinpo 44344

6295-18.30 unid playing dutch music strong signal
sinpo 54444 no id heard

3910-18.40 skyline radio international playing clout
good signal, also some noise sinpo 44334

4015-19.20 laser hot hits playing u2 good signal
sinpo 43444

6295-20.04 unid talking in dutch fair signal, also
some splash from station on 6306 sinpo 43233

6306-20.23 radio spaceman playing BZN and rock
music strong sigmal sinpo 54444

6210-21.40 radio spaceshuttle playing folk music and
giving out contact details weak signal with some fair
peaks sinpo 32222

3900-21.50 polaris radio playing mud and wings
strong signal sinpo 54444

6240-22.02 radio borderhunter playing gerry and the
pacemakers.survivor and toto strong signal sinpo

6315-22.48 radio northcoast playing culture club, cyndi lauper and ike and tina turner strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-23.05 voice of the netherlands playing dance music good signal sinpo 43444

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