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Friday, October 23, 2009

shortwave logs 23/10/09

6870-16.52 playback international playing bob seger good signal sinpo 44344

3948-19.50 central radio playing the style council"ever changing moods" good signal, but modulation is still a bit dull sinpo 44334

6220-20.00 mystery radio playing sister sledge"lost in music" strong signal with only small splash from rte on 6225 sinpo 54444

3875-20.25 radio van gent playing dutch music weak signal sinpo 22122

3940-20.45 central radio moved here to avoid splash from 3955 playing Enrique iglesias good signal sinpo 43434


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM GMT+1

    Hi Paul,

    Cheers for the report not bad only pushing 15watts at moment. The mod has more treble in it and sounds much better at my end. I will try and inject a bit more life into the modulation. Nothing worse than dull modulation :)
    Changed frequency to 3940 to avoid interference fom next door

    Thanks again

    Joe (central)

  2. hi joe,
    good to hear you again
    signal is good for 15 watts
    73's paul