Pirates For Peace

Friday, October 9, 2009

shortwave logs 09/10/09

6875-16.55 playback international playing the song"we love the pirates" fair signal sinpo 32333

6325-17.52 radio mustang playing dutch music fair signal, also some fading sinpo 32323

3930-18.05 central radio playing pop and rap music audio much better tonight strong signal sinpo 53444 also heard later@18.20 on 3935 sinpo 53344

3900-18.35 skyline radio international greeting listeners and playing bryan adams. creedence clearwater rivial and the rolling stones good signal sinpo 44344

3925-19.15 unid playing rock music weak signal with some fair peaks sinpo 22122

6400-20.10 unid playing eurythmics and the carpenters weak signal and some utility qrm sinpo 21222

6220-20.30 mystery radio playing Micheal jackson good signal sinpo 44344

3922-20.35 radio fox 48 playing simple minds weak signal sinpo 22122


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the report, still not happy with the tx, mosfets are a lot more differcult than valves to work with! Forgot to answer your question on Alfalima the central radio website was created by one of the DJ's Brian Grant, He does all the web streaming for the station etc


Irish Paul said...

many thanks joe

hope you get it all sorted out soon,
cause you have a very good signal

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul I will, I know exactly what the problem is. I need to buy a couple of components and when sorted the signal should be clear as well as strong.