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Friday, October 2, 2009

shortwave logs 02/10/09

6870-17.35 playback international playing bon jovi fair signal sinpo 32333

3905-19.35 bluestar radio playing Tammy wynette"stand by your man" good signal sinpo 44344

3930-19.43 radio boomerang playing instrumental music strong signal,54444

3935-19.50 unid playing pop music off @20.00 good signal sinpo 44334

6220-20.05 mystery radio playing jean Michel jarre good signal also some splash from rte on 6225 sinpo 43344

3920-20.20 radio boomerang(tent) playing instrumental music strong signal sinpo 54444

3912-20.35 unid someone talking but too weak and too much noise to catch id sinpo 21111

3900-21.00 radio boomerang playing omd, steve harley and cockney rebel and jon and vangellis strong signal sinpo 54444. also heard later on 3910@21.15 playing katrina and the waves sinpo 54444

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