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Sunday, October 11, 2009

shortwave logs 11/10/09

6421-7.00 radio dutchwing playing the band" the weight" good signal sinpo 44344

6265-7.25 unid playing the beatles fair signal also some fading sinpo 34333

6212-7.50 radio scotland playing the cure and talking about antenna problems strong signal sinpo 54444

6375-7.55 radio brigette playing dutch music,fair signal,but high noise level sinpo 32222

5815-8.00 orion radio playing dire straits,mud and the selecter strong signal sinpo 54444

6280-8.10 rekro radio playing black sabbath and bob dylan good signal sinpo 43444 still coming in@11.00playing george harrison sinpo 44344

6205-8.25 radio borderhunter playing lynard skynrd,johnny cash and snap strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-8.40 antonia radio playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33333

6305-8.55 radio merlin playing the archies,the chiffons and neil sedaka strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-9.00 radio scotland playing billy ocean strong signal sinpo 54444

6285-9.05 trans radio europe playing bob dylan and blondie fair signal but suffering splash from 6295 sinpo 32333

6295-9.10 radio shadowman with a very strong signal playing robert plant,men at work and 10cc sinpo 55444

6300-9.37 radio brandaris playing guns and roses.europe and pat benatar good signal sinpo 44344

5810-radio merlin playing dire straits fair signal sinpo 33333

5820-10.10 radio baken 16 playing miami sound machine weak signal sinpo 22122

6240-10.20 radio altrex playing elvis presley weak signal sinpo 21122

6206-10.25 radio scotland playing the cure strong signal sinpo 55444

6325-10.30 voice of the Netherlands playing focus and dance music good signal sinpo 43344

7590-10.45 Geronimo shortwave dave scott playing rock music, also deep fades sinpo 32223

6215-11.05 radio merlin playing big band music including count dracula orchestra good signal sinpo 44344 heard later@13.15 playing pj harvey sinpo 43444

7600-12.15 frs holland playing neil young"keep on rocking in the free world" fair signal sinpo 32233

5805-12.25 radio telestar south playing the beatles and talking about motorcycle bikes good signal sinpo 44344

6220-12.35 unid playing yazoo sinpo 33232

6325-12.40 radio marconi playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43344

6325-12.45 radio lowland playing dance music in qso with marconi sinpo32222

6308-15.20 unid playing the song"coutry roads weak signal sinpo 22122

6870-15.45 playback international playing happy mondays fair signal sinpo 33233

6215-17.10 radio merlin playing dobbie brothers and the glitter band good signal sinpo 43444

5824-17.25 wnkr playing ocean colour sceane and eric clapton strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-17.40 mystery radio playing america good signal sinpo 44344

3945-17.50 bogusman playing ben folds"in between days" good signal sinpo 43444

3900-18.20 unid playing easy listening music sinpo 32233

6220-22.15 mystery radio still coming in with a good signal playing coffee"casanova" sinpo 43444

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