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Saturday, October 24, 2009

shortwave logs 24/10/09

6310-7.55 radio flux am playing neil diamond fair signal sinpo 33233

5820-8.00 radio baken 16 playing sylvester and greg kihn band good signal sinpo 44344

6524-8.10 radio ramona playing chuck berry fair signal sinpo 32233

6265-8.15 radio altrex playing asia and jucie newton good signal sinpo 43444

6325-8.28 radio mustang playing roy orbison and thunder clap newman strong signal sinpo 54444

6960-8.40 radio jan van gent playing non stop instrumental music fair signal sinpo 33233

6215-8.50 radio king shortwave(tent) playing pop music weak signal sinpo 22122

3940 central radio playing kid creole and the coconuts and simply red good signal sinpo 43444

6310-11.10 grensstad radio playing gerry rafferty"baker street" fair signal also some utillty qrm sinpo 32233

6310-11.20 radio marconi playing kirsty mc coll in qso with grensstad radio sinpo 53444

6300-13.00 radio quintus playing madonna"holliday" good signal sinpo 44344, also heard on 5815@13.23 playing the loving spoonful sinpo 43333. moved to 5810@13.30 playing dutch music and giving out contact details sinpo 43343

6308-13.40 radio weerklank playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

9290-14.30 mike's radio playing dance music.good to hear him again after a long time off. good signal also some fading sinpo 44434

6325-14.50 radio monte carlo playing alphville,pet shop boys and dead or alive good signal sinpo 43444

6375-15.00 radio lowland playing peter and gorden fair signal sinpo 32233 heard later@1610 with good signal playing shania twain and the scopains sinpo 43444

5815-1512 voice of the netherlands playing lobo and john farnham good signal,small splash from station on 5810 sinpo 43444

3945-17.20 bogusman playing indie music strong signal sinpo 54444

3905-17.30 radio overijssel playing dutch music good signal 44344

6220-20.05 mystery radio playing the rocky theme strong signal sinpo 54444

6870-22.10 playback international playing village people fair signal sinpo 33233

3890-22.22 free radio victora playing lynn anderson, dave edmunds, roger miller and johnny cash fair signal sinpo 33233

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