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Sunday, October 4, 2009

shortwave logs 04/10/09

5810-7.15 orion radio playing the carpenters and dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-7.20 radio borderhunter playing nik kershaw,joen jett and pat benatar strong signal sinpo 54444

6307-7.50 radio brandaris with a good signal piaying instrumental music sinpo 44344

6265-8.07 radio altrex playing falco good signal with small fading sinpo 44334

6240-8.15 antonia radio playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-8.25 mystery radio playing byran ferry fair signal sinpo 33233

6304-8.35 retro radio playing 10cc and the zombies good signal sinpo 44344

5805-8.50 radio telestar south playing the love affair strong signal 55444

6375-8.55 unid weak signal,but can hear some music sinpo 21121

6300-9.00 unid playing reggae music good signal sinpo 43344

6140-9.05 mv baltic radio playing bruce Springsteen strong signal sinpo 55444

6310-9.45 grensstad radio playing sugababes good signal sinpo 44344

6324-9.52 voice of the netherlands with a qso for baken 16 playing rock music sinpo 44344

6304-10.05 weerklank radio playing dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

6285-10.30 radio boomerang playing pop music strong signal sinpo 54444

6205-10.40 radio east coast holland playing coldplay,the eagles and deep purple strong signal sinpo 54444

6240-11.25 radio borderhunter playing dire straits and country and western music strong signal sinpo 54444

6300-11.55 radio golfbreker playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6305-12.05 radio blackpower playing donna summer doing qso for east coast holland sinpo 55444

6325-12.35 radio blackpower doing a qso for lowland sinpo 54444

6325-12.38 radio lowland thanking blackpower for qso and playing dido fair signal sinpo 32233

6870-13.00 playback international playing deep purple weak signal sinpo 21121

6375-13.10 radio marconi playing the sparks and suzi quatro good signal sinpo 44344

6400-13.50 sonnet radio playing america,the four seasons and jigsaw strong signal sinpo 55444

6220-16.20 mystery radio playing pet shop boys good signal sinpo 44344

3930-19.00 central radio playing spandau ballet and kid creole and the coconuts strong signal, but sound quality is still a bit dull. sinpo 54434

6325-19.35 sonnet radio playing nick lowe,jam and martha and the muffins good signal sinpo 43444

6401-20.50 radio shadowman playing spandau ballet,omd and ultravox good signal sinpo 43444

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your logs.
Always a pleasure to hear from you.