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Saturday, October 10, 2009

shortwave logs 10/10/09

6215-8.00 radio king shortwave(tent) playing sting weak signal 22122

6265-8.07 radio altrex playing anita ward and blondie fair signal , but high noise level sinpo 32232 moved to 6240 signal much better talking about the weather and playing hawkwind sinpo 43344

6210-9.25 misti radio with a fair signal playing dance music. also reading reception reports sinpo 33233

6280-10.40 radio merlin international playing oldies mix,micheal jackson,and donna summer mix. also reading out names of pirate radio stations that can be heard on fm,mw and sw.strong signal sinpn 5444

6305-11.50 unid playing jeff wayne war of the worlds soundtrack. too weak to catch id sinpo 22122

6870-12.10 playback international playing nirvina fair signal sinpo 33233

3935-16.35 central radio playing sugababes"about you now" strong signal but there is a whistle caused by carrier on 3939 sinpo 53444

3900-16.25 radio jan van gent playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

3940-16.35 radio overijssel playing the boomtown rats and the middle of the road also suffering whistle from carrier 3939 sinpo 43344

3887-17.55 skyline radio international playing fleetwood mac good signal sinpo 44444

3912-18.05 radio guintus playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

3905-19.30 bluestar radio playing chris andrews"yesterday man" strong signal sinpo 54444

3945-19.35 central radio moved here to avoid carrier on 3939 clear channel. playing new order strong signal, but modulation is still a bit dull sinpo 54444

3932-19.47 bogusman playing indie music and reading out e-mails srong signal sinpo 54444

6870-20.13 playback international playing guns and roses good signal sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your report.

73's Altrex

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Paul,

I was actually on 3946khz, I will try and perk up the modulation a bit, I agree it needs bit more treble and base response.



Irish Paul said...

thanks for the correction joe, with a bit more treble and bass you will have a fine signal.
73's paul